Creating a Copilot

Walk through the process of creating a Q&A Copilot in Magic Studio

1. Signup to Magic Studio

  • Click the "Sign Up" tab and enter a valid email and password.

    • If you have already created an account, use the "Sign In" tab instead.

Use the "Login with Google" option for a faster signup process.

2. Give your Organization's Name

Magic Studio creates a unique OrganizationID for every user who signs up, The Organization Name is the Display Name of that ID. You can accept the default suggestion or give a proper name.

If you want multiple users to belong to the same Organization so that they can share the same Copilots, please send an email to

3. Create a Copilot

Click on the "Create Copilot" button. This will trigger the Copilot creation wizard.

4. Describe the high-level objective of the Copilot

In this step, you should give some details of the app and its high-level use cases. You can either enter the details manually or let Magic Studio automatically generate it by providing either a home page or Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore URL

For now, let's do this manually to suit the needs of our demo application.

Copy the following details as is from the table below.

Name of the fieldDescription of the field

Title of the Project

This is the Name of the Copilot and usually refers to the app that its going to be a part of (eg when building a Search Copilot for the Amazon app, call it "Amazon Search Copilot" or just "Amazon Search")

About the project

This is where you can give a brief description of the app to which the Copilot will be integrated and a list of the core capabilities that this Copilot will support. E.g.: Amazon is an app that sells everything under the sun. Capabilities to be supported - - Searching for products naturally - Asking for product recommendations - Asking general domain-related questions about the app - Asking questions about the app using its FAQ


This is the domain of the app. Its expected to be one of the 32 app types that Google Play Store classifies all its app with


This is used to ground the things that the Copilot is supposed to know about and is usually the list of product categories supported by the app and/or its features.

Click on "Next" once you have entered the above details.

5. Create the Capabilities

At any point in the flow, you can go back all the way to the end and cancel the Copilot Creation. Studio will automatically save a draft copy and you can resume the creation process anytime in the future.

The next step is to create the Capabilities for the Copilot. A Capability represents a specific task that the Copilot needs to handle. This is the foundational units that make up a Copilot.

Hint: Think of a Capability as an AI function in the cloud that can be called by your application with a single parameter (an unstructured string) and using the context of the app and the power of AI, can generate a bunch of output parameters.

Refer to the Overview section about Capabilities.

By default, Magic Studio will create two default Capabilities.

Users can either add Capabilities from the list of standard Capabilities that Magic Studio supports from the "Capability Store" or they can create their own.

To create your own Capability, one needs to enter two basic inputs

FieldValue to be filled


The unique name of the Capability


A high level description of the Capability. By default Magic Studio will try and create parameters that are relevant for the Capability based on its description. Users can also specify the parameters they want the Capability to generate. Refer to the Capability Parameter section for more details about the Parameters.

Click on "Generate" button

Magic Studio will now add a new Capability called "Digi Yatra FAQ Handler".

Click on the "Review" button to move to the next step.

Click on the "Build Copilot" button to move to the step that creates the final Copilot

Warning! This step will take almost 5-10 minutes so ensure that you are sitting far away from a coffee machine so that you can walk to it slowly and make a relaxed coffee, while we are working hard on your behalf 😁

If everything goes well, you should see a success message! Yay!

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