Creating a Copilot in Magic Studio

Walk through the process of creating a Q&A Copilot in Magic Studio

1. Signup to Magic Studio

  • Click the "Sign Up" tab and enter a valid email and password.

    • If you have already created an account, use the "Sign In" tab instead.

Use the "Login with Google" option for a faster signup process.

2. Give your Organization's Name

Accept the default suggested name.

3. Create a Copilot

Click on the "Create Copilot" button. This will trigger the Copilot creation wizard.

4. Describe the high-level objective of the Copilot

In this step, you should give some details of the app and its high-level use cases. You can either enter the details manually or let Magic Studio automatically generate it by providing either a home page or Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore URL

For now, let's do this manually to suit the needs of our demo application.

Copy the following details as is from the table below.

Name of the sectionContent for the section

Title of the Project

Digi Yatra Copilot

About the project

This is a Demo application to try out and it has the following capabilities. - Answer questions about specific Indian Government projects (e.g. Digi Yatra) - Handle general chit-chat - Don't answer to questions outside the scope


Libraries & Demo


Digi Yatra Q&A

Click on "Next" once you have entered the above details.

5. Create the Capabilities

At any point in the flow, you can go back all the way to the end and cancel the Copilot Creation. Studio will automatically save a draft copy and you can resume the creation process anytime in the future.

The next step is to create the Capabilities for the Copilot. A Capability represents a specific task that the Copilot needs to handle.

By default, Magic Studio will create one or two default Capabilities.

For this exercise, we will create one additional Capability called "Digi Yatra FAQ Handler"

Fill in the details exactly for the two fields

FieldValue to be filled


Digi Yatra FAQ Handler


Handle any questions regarding Digi Yatra and its services

Click on "Generate" button

Magic Studio will now add a new Capability called "Digi Yatra FAQ Handler".

Click on the "Review" button to move to the next step.

Click on the "Build Copilot" button to move to the step that creates the final Copilot

Warning! This step will take almost 5-10 minutes so ensure that you are sitting far away from a coffee machine so that you can walk to it slowly and make a relaxed coffee, while we are working hard on your behalf 😁

If everything goes well, you should see a success message! Yay!

6. Add Knowledge Sources

Now that the Copilot has been created, we need to do one more thing before we can use the Copilot inside our app for this particular Copilot, i.e. we need to give some knowledge sources about Digi Yatra, as the underlying LLM might not have up to date information about it.

To add knowledge, open the Copilot "Digi Yatra Copilot" and goto the Capabilities tab and then click on "Capabilities" inside it.

Click on the "book" symbol (that is next to the "pencil" symbol) for the "Digi Yatra FAQ Handler" Capability

It should open the Knowledge tool.

Click on the "Add Knowledge"

Select "Static Knowledge"

It should automatically create a new "knowledge source" with a special name. Dont worry about the name. Just click on the ">" at the end of the row

In the "Knowledge Sources" section, add the 3 URLs given below one by one and click enter

Click on "Save" to save this.

Control will now move back to the Capabilities view.

Click on the "Update" button on the top right to publish the Copilot

Yes. Now you are ready to test the Copilot with code. More fun!

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