Test - Playground App

To test the intents, use the Slang Playground app

What is the Playground app?

The Slang Playground app was created as a way to easily test the intents configured in the Slang Console and get the experience of the Slang integration in an app, without writing any explicit code for it

Where I can download it from?

Its available as a free download from the Android Play Store

How do I use it?

Login to the app using the same credentials you use with the Slang Console.

Once logged in, it will show the list of all the Buddies that were created under that account.

Select the Buddy you want to test and it will show you the list of possible intents that is configured for that app. The "Slang Trigger" (mic button) will also show up. You can click on the "trigger" and start speaking as you would expect your customers to speak. Slang will then attempt to detect the "intent" of that utterance and also extract any entities that might be detected in the utterance.

Try speaking different utterances and understand how Slang interprets it. You can use this to update the intents in the Console or to understand the limits of Slang.