Setting up Slang CONVA

Setup the Assistant through the Slang CONVA Console

1. Create an account

The first step in the journey is to create an account with Slang by signing up here with your email id

You will be required to give a name to your organization when you sign in for the very first time.

Note that if you need multiple accounts associated with the same organization, contact us @ and we will set it up for you.

2. Add a new Assistant

The next step is to add an Assistant and give it a default configuration

Begin by clicking on the large "Add Assistant" button

3. Select the Assistant Domain

Select the domain as "Retail" and one or more sub-domains that your app supports, and give it a name

4. Configure the Assistant

Select the user journeys that you'd like to support. You can always edit this later if we want more functionalities.

The user journeys are common across all sub-domains. Sub-domains only influence the "data" that the Assistant will understand.

5. Publish the Assistant

You are now ready to publish your newly created Assistant. Go ahead and click "Publish"

If everything goes well, you should see a message indicating success and the Assistant key generated.

Congratulations on publishing your first Assistant!

Next, you can do one of two things. integrate the appropriate SDK into your app or try the Assistant you just published using the Slang CONVA Playground app.

6. Try the Assistant using the Slang CONVA Playground app

Click on the "Try Assistant" button

Download the app from here.

When you open the app, scan the QR code in the app using the QR code shown in the CONVA console to connect it with your Assistant.

After you have played with the app, you can now customize the Assistant (eg the prompts spoken) to suit your specific app. Changes published to your Assistant will get reflected in the PG (PlayGround) app automatically.

Let's see what customization options are available

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