Introduction to the Slang Platform and the developer documentation

The Slang Platform (aka Slang) enables businesses to add Voice Augmented eXperiences to their mobile apps. A Voice Augmented eXperience (VAX) enhances the visual and touch based experience of mobile apps using voice technologies, enabling end-users to interact with the these apps using voice as well as touch. Think of it like having an Alexa or a Siri embedded inside apps, deeply integrated with the internals, while working seamlessly with the existing touch-based experience of the apps.

What does Slang provide?

Slang provides all of the infrastructure necessary to add a multi-lingual, multi-modal voice experience to mobile apps. Specifically, Slang provides:

  • Automatic speech recognition

  • Natural language understanding

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Voice responses (greetings, prompts, confirmations, etc)

  • Platform-native UI elements for end-user interaction

  • Context sensitivity for multi-modal interactions (voice + touch)

  • Detailed analytics to comprehend end-user behavior

Slang delivers all of this infrastructure through two primary components:

  1. The Slang Console for configuring business use-cases

  2. Platform-specific SDK for integrating apps with the Console

How do I use Slang?

You've come to the right place to find the answer to this question! The documentation on this site should help you get started with building Voice Augmented eXperiences, help you troubleshoot if you're stuck and also reach out to us whenever you feel the need.

If you are new to building voice experiences, we recommend starting with the Terminology page in the Getting Started section and then jumping into the appropriate Quick Start guide for your app's platform.

If you're an experienced developer looking for answers to more advanced questions, you may find the Digging Deeper section, the How-To Guides and the API references more useful.

Finally, if you're still unable to find answers to your questions, please read the FAQs and reach out to us directly using the details in the Support section and we'd be happy to help.

Happy VAXing!