Platform & Languages Supported

Platforms supported

Slang Assistants are available for the following platforms
    Android Native with a Java SDK
    React Native with Javascript SDK (which internally depends on the native platform SDK)
      Currently React Native is available only for Android devices
    Web with Javascript SDK. Works on both desktop and mobiles. The following browsers are supported
      Safari is not supported by default but it can be enabled if required at runtime via provided code options.
Native iOS apps are not supported currently. If you are interested in integrating our Assistants to iOS apps please contact us - [email protected]

Languages supported

Slang Assistants are multi-lingual out of the box. They support the following languages by default
    English (Indian accent by default but can also be enabled to support other regions)
The platform also has optional support for more languages, depending on the type of Assistant.
We are also working to add more languages over time, including languages popular outside India.
if you need to enable these languages for your app or looking for having these Assistants work in other languages, please contact us - [email protected]
Last modified 9mo ago