Understanding Analytics

How to ready pretty charts!

Account Page

From the navigation pane on the left, click on the Account icon to head to the Account page. Following is the information that the page displays and the actions that you can perform here:

  • View details of your current plan

  • Change plan

  • View your email address and change the password

  • Contact Slang support

  • Turn on / off 'Dark Mode'

Analytics Home

To view analytics associated with your app, click the Analytics icon on the navigation pane. The Slang Analytics sections will help you learn more about how the voice feature is being used in your app to help you iterate and improve this experience for your end users. Here are some of the questions you would be able to answer:

  • How often is the voice feature being used in my app

    • Number of times users have tried the voice feature

    • Number of voice interactions with recognized vs unrecognized intents

  • How is the voice feature being used in my app?

    • Most popular intents and utterances

    • Most popular recognized and unrecognized utterances

    • Total number of recognized vs unrecognized utterances

    • Number of recognized utterances for a selected intent

Get ready to have fun!

And here we conclude. Hope you have enough info to get started with Slang! Feel free to reach out to us at 42@slanglabs.in if you have questions (including questions about life, universe or anything else. We might not have the "ultimate answer", but we will surely have one that helps).